World Windsurfing Tour in Sant Pere Pescador - Costa Brava


Every year, in June, the World Windsurfing Tour comes to the Costa Brava. Come and experience all the emotion of the Catalunya World Cup, aPWA World Tour event. You'll be able to see the thrilling spectacle of the world's best windsurfers in action.

The event takes place at Cortal de la Devesa beach in Sant Pere Pescador, in the Gulf of Roses, right next to the La Ballena Alegre campsite. It's no coincidence that a world tour event is held in these waters since the scenic conditions and climate are excellent: plenty of wind, good temperatures and wonderful long beaches. What’s more, the event organisers are highly experienced and have been coming to the Gulf of Roses since 1999. And to top it all, in this windsurfing paradise there’s even a regatta course right next to the beach.

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