The Salt Festival in l'Escala


The Salt Festival was born in 1997 to commemorate the 3rd centenary of the Alfolí de la Sal, the old warehouse where salt arrived by sea, from the salt pans of Ibiza or Torrevella and was distributed to the towns of the interior In a tribute to its origins as fishermen and salt workers, the village of l'Escala recalls a day of daily life, more than a hundred years ago, in the old port.

The participation of close to two hundred people, the majority linked to the fishing families of l'Escala, ensures the authenticity of the display of seafaring trades and its transmission to future generations. In addition, the festival is a cultural activity that brings together people from various origins, as in the exchange of Mediterranean and World dances, which in addition to spreading the popular culture of the territory in a fun and participatory way, favors the social cohesion We are happy that, after fifteen years, the Salt Festival has established itself as a point of reference in Catalonia in terms of the recovery and dissemination of the popular culture of the maritime tradition. It is celebrated the third saturday of September at Platja de l'Escala.