Rental conditions

Can Marisch meets the requirements and obligations of the sectorial regulations. Our commitment is to offer comfortable, quality accommodation so that our guests can enjoy a pleasant stay.

Company details

Can Marisch - Teresa Marisch Romans NIF 40422255P
Plaça de L'Empedrat, 1 - 17473 Valveralla (Ventalló)
Alt Empordà - Girona
626 250 248 (whatsapp)

General conditions

Can Marisch offers rural accommodation in an independent townhouse in the centre of the village. It consists of three rural accommodation properties in keeping with the Generalitat of Catalonia’s Tourism Register:

  • Les Corts (PG-000500)
  • Casa Pairal (PG-000501)
  • Les Arcades (PG-000638)

 The temporary occupation of the tourist accommodation rented gives right to the use of all its rooms and accessories, as well as the use of all the household items expressly destined for the use of guests, and the use of the garden and the swimming pool, which are communal spaces shared with the rest of the clients/users of Can Marisch accommodation.

Clients/users of the accommodation guarantee to hand back the tourist accommodation, as well as its furnishing and household items, in identical conditions to which they were received, and will be held responsible for replacing or repairing any losses, damages or deterioration that can be attributed to them.

Clients will also be responsible for their own personal objects or items kept in the accommodation and its communal areas during their stay and therefore the owner may not be held responsible for any loss, disappearance or theft.

Neither the house nor its communal spaces may be used for any kind of activity other than that agreed upon. Activities and behaviour that are unhygienic or contravene the usual norms of harmonious living or jeopardise public order are not permitted. No furniture, musical equipment or similar may be brought into the house, nor may any kind of building work be carried out in it. Can Marisch is in the centre of the village and the night-time rest of the neighbours must be respected from midnight onwards.

Can Marisch is advertised on many websites and rural tourism portals. The prevailing prices are the ones that are given on our website.

Specific conditions. Regulations covering rental and use of the accommodation at Can Marisch

The following regulations and conditions must be respected. Otherwise, the owner reserves the right to immediately cancel the booking or stay at the house and insist on its immediate vacancy, without the return of any monies paid.  

  1. Number of people. No more than the maximum number of people for the capacity established in the rental contract may stay in the property. If the number of people agreed on in the booking document increases, the price will increase proportionately. 
  1. The total price of the rental for the tourist accommodation must be paid in the following way: 

Down payment: the booking will not be effective until the client has paid 25% of the total price for the stay, which implies acceptance of these rental conditions. Payment must be made by means of a bank transfer. 

Payment of the rest of the stay: when formalising the entrance into the house, clients must pay the total amount of the stay less the amount already paid as a down payment. They must also pay the amount corresponding to the tourist tax.

Deposit: for groups of 10 or more people, €200 must be paid as a deposit for any possible deterioration to the furniture and/or utensils and equipment of the house or in the case of the loss of any of the household linen (sheets, blankets, bath towels, bath mats) or household domestic appliances.

 This deposit will be returned within two working days once it has been verified that there are no damages. If any damages have occurred, they will be valued and discounted from the deposit. If the cost is greater than the deposit, the client will have to pay the difference.

Conditions for cancelling the booking: in the case of cancelling the booking, the owner of the accommodation must be notified in a reliable way. Cancellation will involve the loss of the amount paid as a down payment. 

  1. Arrival: On arrival, the client will sign the rental contract, will pay the obligatory deposit and will pay the rest of the rental for the stay, as well as the tourist tax, as specified above. 

On arrival, the people who are going to stay in the property must identify themselves by means of a document that accredits their identity. The documents will be returned immediately. The establishment is obliged to keep a register of people saying in the accommodation, which it must send to the General Direction of Police, in keeping with the citizen security regulation applicable to all establishments which offer paid accommodation to people. 

  1. Times: arrival time will be agreed between the client and the owner. Nevertheless, usually arrival will be between 16:00 and 21:00. Departure time will be up until 11:00. 
  1. Fittings: Each of the properties has a fully-equipped kitchen, living room and bedrooms with bathroom. Specifically, the following items are included:


a)    Bedrooms and bathrooms 

Sheets, quilts, towels, hairdryer, hand soap, magnifying mirror, stool, dirty clothes basket. 

We can provide a bed with railings for children under 2. This will be free of charge. 

b)    Living room 

TV with satellite connection, DVD, radio. 

c)     Kitchen 

In addition to the electric hob and oven, the kitchen also has small electrical appliances: toaster, Nespresso coffee machine, microwave, beater and citrus juicer. 

Should any item of household linen (sheets, blankets, bath towels, bath mats) or electrical appliances go missing, they will be discounted from the deposit. 

  1. Mains supplies: The use of water, electricity and heating are included in the price of the stay. Articles that alter the envisaged consumption of the mains supplies are not permitted. However, we would ask you to make rational use of water, electricity and heating.

The firewood may be used free of charge in the open fireplace and in the house barbecue. 

  1. Cleaning: The client/user must leave the property minimally clean. In-depth cleaning for future clients will be done by the owner. 
  1. Pets: Pets are not accepted. 
  1. Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside the property. Each of the rural properties has an outdoor space.
  2. Swimming pool regulations
  •  The pool is for the exclusive use of clients at Can Marisch.
  •  Children aged under 14 may not swim on their own, but must always be accompanied by an adult.
  •  There is no lifeguard.
  • The swimming pool is not completely closed off, therefore it is the responsibility of parents to look after their children when using the pool, as well as at all other times.
  • Please shower before using the pool.

The contractual relationship shall be governed by the free will of the parties at all times and, additionally, by what is established in the Spanish Civil Code and applicable regulations, Decree 159/2012, of 20 November, on tourist accommodation and properties for tourist use as well as current regulations in matters of market discipline and protection of consumers and users.